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Mike Matulewicz

 Keeping our community safe and affordable today, with 34 years of Policing Experience

I am Mike Matulewicz, running for Mayor of Mississauga and a seat on the Peel Regional Police Service Board.

I have decades of experience in police management, governance, budgets and Police Service Board issues.

Policing accounts for  43%  of your property taxes.

Let us focus on “today’s"  problems,


  • Affordable, priority policing on crime / traffic problems,


  • better health care by providing financial incentives for new family doctors, 


  • homeless and affordable housing,


  • reduce taxes by cutting or pausing future programs. 



Join me, to make our city a safe, desirable and affordable place to live "today". 

Why me?   Why now?


In less than 36 hours of being parked on my driveway, thieves caused $2500 damage attempting to steal, a 2021 Toyota Highlander from under my open bedroom window.

I  had to file a police report on line.  

  • evidence value of that report, is zero,

  • and the criminals are happy knowing that 

  • no effort went into solving that crime.

With a $220 million dollar budget increase over the past 4 years 

   ( $445 to $666 million), 


I expected better service from the police.

With 683 vehicles stolen in 30 days this winter and insurance payout of $1.2 billion,

  • we must do better and demand more from existing police resources.

I understand tight budgets and limited resources, 

  • however prevention of violent crime starts 

  • with good basic police investigations and arrests.


My contribution to good fiscal governance.

No  mayoral candidate or member of  City Council has the police experience, operational and corporate knowledge that I have working  half of my 34 years for the Toronto Police Service at the corporate level.

I can add valuable insights on policies and budget allocations as it relates to the overall effectiveness of the Peel Regional Police.

I can help them contain costs which is 43 % of your property taxes.

Ask yourself……are we on the path to a Billion Dollar Police Service and

what would  43% of your property tax bill look like then?

The Mayor ;

  • is one voice of 12 on the Council,

  • is one voice of 7 at the Peel Regional Police Services Board


I am uniquely qualified to be that expert voice, keep costs in check and  advocate on your behalf.

“Protecting our families and homes at night”

By Installing;

  • Automated Licence Plate Readers

  • currently used in police cars,

  • discreetly installed on lamp standards 

  • at all main entrances to a residential community.




  • Scan for stolen or wanted vehicles 

  • coming into or out of our communities 

  • triggering an automatic police response.  




  • Adds an additional layer of night security, 

  • for our families, homes and to deter criminals.


  • Violent home invasions and carjacking 

  • predicted to rise creating unsafe communities  

  • it funds guns and drugs to prey on our vulnerable ! 

Family Physician Recruitment Plan



  • For a 10 year commitment to serve Mississauga,

  • Paying student loans up to $100,000,

  • No property tax for 10 years,

  • Assistance with locating appropriate office space

  • And recruiting staff, etc.



  • Projected 400,000  people will not have family doctor by 2026

  • In Mississauga, Caledon and Brampton.

  • to attract significant number of family doctors 

  • for a healthy, more productive community.

  • on average each new family doctor can service 1,500 patients.


  • reduced wait times in Hospital E.Rs,

  • reduced long term medical costs which will

  • pay back many times the original cash incentives

  • decrease burden on over worked family physicians.


Chronically Homeless 

  • Chronically homeless with years of life on the street,


  • frequently experience severe health issues


  • requiring significant medical intervention


  • and live shorter  tragic lives.


  • They place more demands on police 


  • and social service resources


  • They require a place to live first before any effective intervention!

  • begin partnerships with adjoining cities to share solutions along our borders.

I fully support the Association of the Municipalities of Ontario position that:

Homelessness is a social, economic and health crisis across Ontario and that urgent action is needed by all levels of government. 



The magnitude of the crime , shortage of housing and Family Doctors has never been greater nor more urgent.


Covid taught us the unthinkable can happen.  We need to act now.

Suspend future projects, for the priorities of today.

This is a time to focus our tax dollars on these critical issues for the City of Mississauga to have a bright future.

If you agree share & Vote Mike Matulewicz June 10th

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